Can Cats Eat Quail Eggs? 5 Facts You May Not Know

Predatory felines are always on the lookout for tasty new sources of protein. However, a cat’s curiosity about a certain food is no indication that it’s healthy for them to consume.

If your cat has a habit of rummaging through the trash or begging for table scraps, it’s important to monitor what they eat to ensure they’re not getting sick.

In that case, how about quail eggs? Can cats eat them?

There are some safety considerations when feeding quail eggs to cats. They should only be served cooked and in small amounts, but they make a great reward for your furry friend on special occasions.

Keep reading to get the lowdown on quail eggs for cats and other general recommendations.

Can cats eat quail?

Quail is safe for cats to eat. A cat’s diet would benefit greatly from the addition of quail. The hunting cat can easily catch and kill this little bird.

Feathers and all, in the wild, cats will devour an entire quail. However, most of us would rather not gaze upon the spoils of a successful hunt, so we typically bring in a pre-cooked specimen.

It’s easier to prepare if you just get the meat, but some vendors sell the whole (dead) bird so your cat can still have the full experience.

You can start your cat off slowly when giving it quail for the first time. A lot of people just add a little bit to their cat’s regular food.

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If your cat isn’t already eating raw food, you might want to pass on this. Quail is a raw food that falls somewhere between the intermediate and advanced categories.

You should also avoid giving your cat any meat that has been seasoned or has herbs added to it.

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What are quail eggs?

Quail eggs resemble tiny chicken eggs with spots. They’re becoming increasingly trendy because they’re a novel replacement for the boring old eggs.

Although they are relatively nutrient-dense for their size, cats shouldn’t make them a regular part of their diet.

Quail eggs have not been heated to kill any bacteria that may be on the shell, so they should not be consumed raw.

Even for humans, this can make raw eating a risky proposition. Do not give your cat raw quail eggs or their shells.

Can I crack an egg in my cat’s food?

Do not feed raw eggs to your cat. Cats may find the egg’s interior to be an appetizing and enticing treat, and the yolk may provide adequate nutrition. However, due to the high potential for contamination, this is an unsafe practice.

Raw eggs are a common source of the harmful E. Coli bacteria that can cause serious illness in cats. It’s not worth the potential health problems, so most people avoid eating raw eggs.

Here are some signs of food poisoning to look out for if you’re worried that your cat may have eaten raw egg:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Having a greater water intake than usual
  • Disorientation
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It’s best to call your vet as soon as you notice any change in your cat’s behavior, as these symptoms can range from mild to severe.

They will be able to give you direction on what to do next to help your cat recover. It’s possible you’ll need to get them checked out and put on medication.

Can cats eat hard boiled eggs?

It’s true that cats can enjoy a hard-boiled egg. Before giving your cat any new foods, you should always check with your vet.

Small amounts of hard-boiled, poached, or scrambled eggs can be introduced to your cat if you are given permission to do so.

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However, oil of any kind should be avoided because it may contain too much fat for a cat. Boiling the eggs and serving them that way is the best way to prepare them for your cat.

This reduces the risk of your cat getting sick from eating raw egg and helps you avoid any potentially harmful additives.

However, no seasonings or spices should be added to the eggs because these can upset your cat’s stomach.

Keep an eye out for any signs of distress from your furry friend’s stomach after they try the eggs.

However, cats shouldn’t rely on eggs as a staple food; they’re better off eating them as a special treat once in a while.

Even though eggs are a good source of protein, they don’t provide all of the nutrients a cat requires.

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How much egg can I feed my cat?

Eggs are fine for cats to eat up to twice a week, but they should never be fed whole. Simply boil an egg without any seasonings or other additions and give them a bite or two while you enjoy the rest for yourself or throw it away.

Avoid giving your cat eggs if you can’t stand the thought of dealing with that much waste.

They aren’t beneficial to a cat’s health and aren’t required in its diet. Eggs are high in fat and cholesterol, and eating too many of them can cause weight gain or even pancreatitis.

In addition, your cat can eat a piece of the eggshell. Calcium, found in abundance in eggshells, is vital for healthy bones and ligaments in all animals, including felines.

The shell should be ground into a fine powder and added to your cat’s regular food once or twice weekly.

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Things to consider

In small amounts and never raw, quail eggs can be a healthy addition to your cat’s diet.

If your cat eats an egg every day, it probably isn’t worth it to buy quail eggs because they won’t last long enough.

If you come across a few and are curious about whether or not your cat would enjoy them, feel free to boil some up and give them a try.

However, before feeding your cat a new food, you should always check with your veterinarian and keep a close eye out for any signs of illness.

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