Can Dogs Eat Hickory Nuts? 5 Facts You Can’t Deny

One type of nut found in trees throughout the eastern United States is the hickory nut. Hickory nuts are not harmful to humans, but consuming too many of them can be fatal for dogs. Hickory nut toxicity in dogs manifests with gastrointestinal distress, weakness, and listlessness. Contact your vet immediately if you suspect your dog … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Carob? 5 Facts Revealed

Carob is a dog-friendly alternative to chocolate. Though some human sweets, like chocolate, are clearly off-limits to canines, others, like carob, are perfectly fine to give to Fido. What exactly is carob, and how can you feed it to your dog? DDG is here to provide an answer to that question and a delicious recipe … Read more

Lemon Balm for Dogs: 4 Benefits & How To Use It

Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) is a popular ingredient in cosmetics and skin care products due to its refreshing lemon-mint aroma and flavor. However, lemon balm has many medical applications as well. Did you know it’s so harmless that it can even be administered to dogs? Take a look at the uses and advantages of lemon … Read more

Are Smoked Bones Safe For Dogs? 7 Facts To Know

Perhaps you’re wondering, “Are smoked bones safe for dogs?” Here’s the lowdown on smoked dog bones. Because of their delicate digestive systems, dogs need careful monitoring of their diet. Dog owners need to do their homework to figure out what kind of food is best for their pets. Until we see them deteriorate from eating … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Naan Bread? 2 Useful Things For You

Very small amounts of this food item can be tolerated, but regular consumption is not recommended. Importantly, the naan bread should be plain, without any seasonings like garlic or chives that could contain harmful ingredients. You should only use the above data as a general reference. Products intended for human consumption are not suitable for … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Sherbet? 8 Complete Guides

To own a dog is to own the cutest pet in the world. Dog owners may occasionally feel the need to provide their pet with special treats, including a variety of gourmet diets. The issue then becomes whether or not sherbet is safe for canines to consume. Okay, so that’s why we came. First, you … Read more

Can Dogs Have Condensed Milk? 12 Secrets Revealed

Many pet owners wonder if condensed milk is safe for their dogs to consume. That’s right, they can have it, but it’s not healthy for them to do so. Because of the high sugar content, drinking condensed milk can lead to stomachaches and, in the long run, diabetes and other conditions related to sugar consumption. … Read more