Can Cats Eat Acorn? 6 Facts You May Not Know

Will a cat eat an acorn? The short answer is definitely NOT. If your cat eats too many acorns, it could be seriously ill.

Cats, mind you, are naturally inquisitive. And while we may not associate acorns with anything particularly negative, our cute feline friends should not eat them.

If you’re worried about the potential health consequences of feeding your cat acorns, keep reading. Let’s dive in right now!

Can Cats Eat Acorn?

Veterinarians report that as many as 75 percent of cats become ill after consuming acorns. It raises the risk of intestinal blockage in addition to poisoning.

The chemical in acorns, called tannins, can cause severe health problems if ingested. One of the main causes of acorn poisoning is tannins, which are formed from phenolic acids. Acorns can be extremely harmful to the digestive system and the kidneys if not treated immediately.

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Tannin is a micronutrient that serves to deter herbivores from a plant. And acorns have a lot of this chemical, especially in their unripe state. However, as acorns mature, the tannin content drops.

In addition, acorns contain a unique compound called Gallotannin, which, in addition to causing nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, can cause weakness and discomfort.

Moldy acorns must be one of the most poisonous types of acorns. The poisoning symptoms they experience will be accompanied by fatal seizures.

Therefore, your adorable furry friends should not eat acorns.

Can Cats Eat Acorns

Are Oak Leaves Poisonous To Cats?

It’s true that eating too many oak leaves can make a cat sick. The same tannins that make acorns harmful to your cat’s digestive system are also present in oak tree leaves and twigs. That is so destructive!

Oak leaves can cause a variety of symptoms in your cat, including but not limited to vomiting, constipation, and abdominal pain.

Does acorn fall under the ASPCA toxic plants list?

Despite the lack of an oak-specific section, the ASPCA’s list of toxic plants for cats does include several species of oak tree.

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The Ambrosia Mexicana, or Jerusalem Oak, is one such tree. There is a possibility that vomiting and depression could occur if a cat ate this plant.


Absolutely none.


Are Acorns Poisonous to Dogs or Cats? - AZ Animals

Acorns carry a number of potential dangers. For instance:

  • Bleeding intestines
  • Pain in the belly
  • Dangerously low water levels
  • Vomiting
  • Urination too frequently
  • They have a digestive blockage
  • In extreme cases, even death.


Your cat can’t eat the acorns because they’re toxic.

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Wrapping up

And that, folks, is the whole story. If you were wondering, “Can cats eat acorns?” now you know the answer.

During acorn season, it’s important to keep your cat or dog indoors. However, cats are more likely to be poisoned by acorns than dogs are because cats are naturally more curious. So, keep an eye on your cat’s antics and avoid the nearby oak trees.

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