Can Cats Eat Plantain? 9 Facts You Need To Know

Plantains, which are related to bananas, are substantial fruits with a similar texture. Popular in many dishes, especially fried ones, they are primarily grown in Southeast Asia. They can be found in most supermarkets, though they aren’t quite as popular as bananas.

Black when ripe (which might be off-putting enough to explain why they aren’t as popular, even though they are sweet at that stage), green when unripe and still usable for cooking and eating, though the peeling is more difficult.

So, can felines enjoy a plantain?

When unripe, plantains are starchy and bland, but when ripe, they’re sweet. While cats probably won’t actively hunt for plantains, they might sample one out of curiosity.

Plantains aren’t as common as bananas, but depending on your preferred cuisine, you might still have them lying around, and that could mean trouble for your cat. Is it best to steer clear of this? I was wondering if plantains were safe for cats to eat.

Can Cats Eat Plantain?

Cats can safely eat plantains because they contain no toxic ingredients. However, remember that even a small amount should be consumed with caution.

Are Plantains Good For Cats?

Cats are carnivores and therefore may not like plantains. Plantains are safe for cats to eat, so don’t worry if yours nibbles on it or even eats it.

Plantains, being in the same family as bananas, are also safe for cats to eat. The plantains in your garden are safe from your curious cat’s nibbling.

Even though cats and dogs typically don’t eat plantains, if you think your furry friend would enjoy a small amount as a treat, go ahead and give it to them.

Daily plantain slices are beneficial for cats. The average cat wouldn’t be able to handle eating a whole plantain or even half of one.

Can Dogs Eat Plantains?

Are Plantains Bad For Cats?

In the worst cases, plantains can affect a weak cat’s digestive system and cause stomach problems. Generally speaking, cats do not care for eating greenery. Plantains as a treat, however, should not cause concern if given in moderation.

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They might experience side effects like stomach pain if they ingest too much. In addition, cats that aren’t used to eating such things may start passing watery stools.

There is a distinction between regular plantains and plantain lilies. Do not confuse or mix plantains with plantain lilies because doing so can lead to poisoning if enough of the lilies are consumed.

They are not toxic on their own, but in large enough quantities they become poisonous. After seeing a vet, your cat should be on the road to recovery in no time.

Do Cats Like Plantains?

Cats are obligate carnivores, and they aren’t particularly interested in plantains because they are a fruit. Plantains are more likely to be enjoyed by a cat that likes bananas, but you can never tell with cats.

I have no idea if my cats would enjoy plantains because I have never tried them. Since they don’t even like bananas, it’s unlikely that they’d enjoy plantains.

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Do Cats Hate Plantains?

There are probably a lot of cats who will flat out refuse plantain if you offer it to them.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with that; however, while you may enjoy this fruit, cats do not. In fact, cats that consume too much of the fruit’s sugar may become overweight and develop diabetes.

Can Plantains Kill My Cat?

If your cat has ever tried to sneak a bite of your plantain, you can rest assured that they are completely safe for cats and dogs.

Plantains, like bananas, are not toxic to cats. However, if your cat has never eaten fruit before, you may notice some watery stools after feeding it plantain.

If your cat eats too much of it, they might get a stomachache. Besides that, though, you shouldn’t be too concerned if your cat accidentally eats some of your plantains.

The plantain lily and this species are clearly distinct from one another. Even though your cat won’t die from eating plantain lilies (unless it eats a very large amount), it will get sick and need medical attention.

Cats can experience stomach irritation from the saponins found in plantain lilies. Soon after ingesting the plant, they will begin to show symptoms like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and depression.

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Cats that eat too much of this plant can develop serious health problems, including dehydration.

Veterinarians typically induce vomiting, supplement with activated charcoal, or perform a stomach wash to treat it. Thankfully, most cats make a full recovery after this terrifying experience.

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Although the fruit sugar in plantain can contribute to obesity, it is perfectly safe for cats to eat. However, I wouldn’t recommend giving your cat too much.

Can Cats Eat Fried Plantains?

Some cats may have digestive problems after eating plantain, whether it’s fried or boiled. You should stay away from fried plantains, most of which come in the form of plantain chips.

Can Cats Eat Plantain Chips?

The high potassium content and the fact that they are fried make plantain chips dangerous for cats. Potassium causes stomach pain and other digestive issues in cats because they cannot digest it.

In addition, the salt in plantain chips can be harmful to cats. You shouldn’t feed your cat salty snacks because of the risk of sodium poisoning.

Additionally, the high fat content of plantain chips leads to obesity, which in turn causes your cat to become less active and eventually bore you to death because you no longer have anything in common with it.

Plantain chips may also be toxic to cats because they are often treated with pesticides and preservatives. Seek immediate veterinary attention if your cat has consumed plantain chips.

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How Many Plantains are Safe for My Cat to Eat?

Even though plantains are safe for cats to eat, you shouldn’t feed them very many of them. Plantains are a great source of carbohydrates for humans, but they are largely useless to cats because they get all the carbohydrates they need from their regular diet.

The plant sugars and fiber in these foods won’t hurt your cat, but they may cause weight gain.

A cat can get more than 30 percent of their daily caloric needs from about a half cup of cooked plantains, which seems like a lot to us humans.

In general, you should limit your cat’s fruit intake to a minimum.

However, if your cat doesn’t have any adverse reactions, it should be fine with a bite or two every few days. Perhaps plantains trigger an allergic reaction in your cat. Common signs of an allergic reaction include:

  • Extreme itchiness
  • Nodding and shaking the head
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
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If you notice your cat is scratching excessively after eating plantain, you should stop feeding it immediately. Watery stools are another side effect that may appear after your cat has eaten plantains for the first or second time.

Due to the cat’s digestive system not being accustomed to the fruit, this is a common occurrence. Talk to your vet if it continues or if it’s accompanied by other symptoms like lethargy.

Naturally, you wouldn’t want to give your cat plantain skin. The skin is even thicker and tougher than a banana’s, which poses a significant choking risk for cats.

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It may also cause digestive tract obstructions in your cat. Make sure any plantain is cooked (plain cooked, not fried or seasoned) and served in bite-size portions, as even raw plantain could cause problems with choking for your cat, in addition to making cats and humans feel sick.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are plantains toxic to cats?

Cats can become toxic from eating too many plantains. Cats get sick from the saponin in plantains, which causes them to have diarrhea and vomiting.

Seek immediate veterinary attention if your cat has consumed plantain chips; like potato chips, they are harmful to felines.

Can cats eat sweet plantains?

Sweet plantains are safe for cats to eat, but only in small amounts. Plantains have a naturally sweet flavor. Since most cats are carnivores, they won’t mind if you give them a small taste of whatever you’re having for dessert, regardless of whether it’s sweet or not.

Can cats eat plantain leaves?

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No reliable information exists on whether or not plantain leaves are safe for cats to eat.

Small leaves are edible raw or boiled and used in stews, and it is well-known that these plants are humanely appropriate due to their high vitamin content. However, you should probably not give it to your cat as a treat.


Cats can safely consume plantains in small amounts, but you shouldn’t feed them to your cat because they aren’t used to eating plants and herbs.

You shouldn’t take any chances with your cat’s diet because most nutritional needs can be met by commercially made cat food and other products. However, if your cat really enjoys plantains, you can give them to it occasionally as a snack.

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