Can Cats Eat Rice Pudding? 8 Things To Know

If you’ve ever wanted to treat your cat to some rice pudding, you may have wondered if they’d like it. The quick response to this query is negative. The raisins in rice pudding are a major reason why cats shouldn’t eat it.

We understand that this news will make you feel bad about your cat, but please put her well-being first. You should probably just accept this warning as gospel, as there could be real dangers hiding in this sweet treat.

Cats are welcome to sample the rice pudding. Some of the ingredients are toxic to cats, so we can’t endorse that. When shopping for cat snacks, you’ll find a wide variety of options. Think carefully about your decision.

Can Cats Eat Rice Pudding?

Can a cat eat rice pudding? Unfortunately, no. While the white rice in the pudding is cat-friendly, the milk and sugar should be avoided. Don’t hand out too much rice pudding if you happen to have any extra. Every once in a while is fine for a few licks. But if you give your cat too much, it could be fatal.

Why Rice Pudding Is A Bad Idea For Your Cat | Greengos Cantina

What’s in the rice pudding? (Ingredients)

White Rice

Among the human foods that are fine for cats to eat is rice.

A small amount, which isn’t normally part of their diet, probably won’t hurt them. Even cats can reap the benefits of rice.

Even so, you shouldn’t give your big cat a lot of rice pudding. The reason for this is that your feline friend could be harmed by using human food.


Cats shouldn’t drink this because of the lactose content.

If you drink a lot of whole milk, you might get bloated or have diarrhea.

Cats shouldn’t eat rice pudding because of the high milk content.

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Sugar, another common human food, is poisonous to cats.

Cats, in contrast to humans, eat meat. Therefore, they can eat plant-based food on occasion, but can’t handle a lot of sugar.

Excessive glucose causes insulin secretion, and insulin eventually leads to liver failure.

Your pet should eat very little rice pudding because it contains rice, which is toxic to them.


Cats can benefit from eating eggs because they are a good source of protein. However, it can only help in isolation.

It’s not good by itself, and it’s even worse when combined with milk and sugar in a pudding recipe.


Vanilla presents a challenge because it is not listed among the foods that are harmful to cats.

However, vanilla extract is typically used in rice pudding recipes. Cats should not consume this product because of the presence of alcohol.

You should keep in mind that vanilla extract in rice pudding contains booze. It serves as a helpful caution against doling out excessive amounts of dessert.

almond-vanilla rice pudding – smitten kitchen


Butter is a dairy product, and we know that cats shouldn’t consume any kind of dairy.

Most cats cannot digest the lactose found in dairy products.

Similar to the fatty effects of whole milk, rice pudding’s high concentrations of sugar can lead to weight gain.


Most rice pudding recipes call for raisins, which are toxic to cats but are often left out.

Grapes and raisins are two examples of potentially toxic foods for cats. Consuming them may cause kidney problems.

However, grapes and raisins aren’t likely to entice a cat.

Even so, it’s probably best to prevent accidents like that from occurring.

Now that you know how terrible rice pudding is, you might be wondering if there are any other kinds that are just as bad for you.

Do cats like rice pudding?

Rice pudding is considered a delicacy by many. As the delicious flavor dissolves in our mouths, we savor every last bite. The sight of a cat devouring a bowl of rice pudding may be cute, but it’s not good for its health in any way. It’s a relief that this sort of thing rarely happens.

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It may come as a surprise, but cats do not enjoy sweets. The taste buds of a human and a cat are very different. In reality, they lack the sensory organs necessary to enjoy sweet foods.

Before you feel sorry for your cat and start crying over sugar, read the consequences. Any cat owner would be alarmed to learn that sugar has a negative effect on felines. Therefore, we should be thankful that cats don’t have a sweet tooth.

Can cats eat pudding?

Pudding is typically made with milk, sugar, and cornstarch. For the most part, puddings only vary in taste. Other than that, most puddings taste the same.

Remember that pudding is not a suitable food for cats, and don’t include it in their diet.

Occasionally allowing licks and tastes should be fine.

However, if you want to err on the side of caution, you should not serve puddings.

Can a cat eat rice?

Can Cats Eat Rice? Is Rice Safe For Cats? - CatTime

As I mentioned before, cats can eat a wide variety of human foods without getting sick.

Your pet will be fine as long as you give it the proper amount of food and water.

You can give them rice as a treat or a snack, but you shouldn’t make it a regular part of their diet.

Cats, being carnivores, require meat as a staple diet item over carbohydrates like rice.

See what kinds of food can make your cat sick so you know what to keep away from.

Dairy in rice pudding

Sorry to break it to you, but felines aren’t able to digest milk. The high milk content in rice pudding can upset your cat’s stomach. The milk sugar lactose is causing concern.

The presence of dairy is a further argument against feeding rice pudding to your cat. It’s not harmful in and of itself, but it may upset your kitten’s stomach. This may cause mild symptoms, such as diarrhea and stomach pain.

Milk and other dairy products contain varying amounts of lactose. It’s a type of sugar in milk that hasn’t been linked to any serious health problems. However, cats cannot digest the sugar because they do not produce the lactase enzymes necessary to do so.

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This proves that felines have a hard time processing dairy products. They have problems digesting the high lactose content of milk, especially cow’s milk. Therefore, the condition we now call lactose intolerance arose. It’s true that some people have trouble digesting dairy because they’re lactose intolerant.

Give your fluffball lactose-free milk if you want to give them milk. These are available at virtually any retail establishment. In addition to lactose-free milk, cats can also safely drink almond milk.

What foods are poisonous to cats?

Milk, butter, sugar, and raisins are just some of the ingredients in rice pudding that cats shouldn’t eat.

Make sure your pet isn’t getting any of the following from the food you’re feeding it instead of commercial cat food:

  • Onions
  • Meat, bones, and eggs that aren’t cooked properly
  • Caffeinated Beverages and Chocolate
  • Beer and Uncooked Pastry
  • Raisins and Grapes
  • Dog Food

Can cats eat cinnamon in rice pudding?

Although humans enjoy the spicy aroma of cinnamon, most cats find it offensive. Though it’s used as a flavoring in many dishes, cats have no interest in this potent, aromatic spice.

The coumarin in cinnamon is toxic to cats. Make an emergency appointment with your vet if your cat has come into contact with cinnamon through skin contact, inhalation, or accidental licking.

In Summary

As human beings, we find rice pudding and other puddings to be a delicious and simple treat. As a result, the temptation to feed it to our cats is real.

Even so, it’s important to keep in mind that some of our favorite foods are actually toxic to pets. We certainly aren’t the same as our pets.

It may be disheartening to learn that your feline friend cannot partake in your favorite dessert, but rest assured that this is for its own good.

It is our duty as owners to ensure that the food we provide is free of harmful ingredients. A little sampling here and there is fine.

Cats, however, should stick to the foods they are meant to eat and not the ones we like.

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