Can Cats Eat Teriyaki Chicken? 6 Facts To Know

Have you ever worried that your cat might go hungry in between meals? Many cat owners are worried about this, despite the fact that felines are generally considered more self-reliant than canines.

This may seem reasonable, but cats shouldn’t have to spend all day in the wild trying to find their own food.

What’s in Teriyaki Chicken?

There are four primary components to teriyaki chicken;

  • Soy sauce
  • Mirin or Sake
  • Sugar
  • Garlic and Ginger

A teriyaki dish, as you can see, has few components. That’s why I include it as one of my chicken dishes when cooking at home. Most cats also find it irresistible because of how fast and simple it is to prepare.

What's in Teriyaki Chicken

The bad news is, as I’ll explain, those ingredients are harmful to cats.

Can Cats Eat Teriyaki Chicken?

Putting teriyaki chicken in front of your cat is not a good idea. Chicken is one of cats’ favorite foods, and while it’s fine for them to eat some cooked chicken without any sauce on it, teriyaki sauce is extremely harmful to them.

Looking at the sauce’s constituent parts should help explain why:

Do you have any idea where soy sauce comes from? Why should you be concerned, anyway? What I know for sure is that it contains soybeans, wheat, salt, and water. This is hardly what you’d call a recipe for healthy cat food.

Sake is rice wine, also known as. Although I think it greatly enhances the flavor of teriyaki, it isn’t always included. The main idea, though, is that it’s not safe for cats.

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Mirin is another type of rice wine. Because of its scarcity in the West, teriyaki is often prepared without it or with sake in place of mirin. However, cats should avoid this like the plague.

Smoked Teriyaki Chicken Legs - Sidewalk Shoes

Cats shouldn’t eat sweets or foods high in sugar. They do need sugars in their diets, but the typical cat food will provide all that is necessary. In the long run, eating too much sugar can cause health problems like diabetes and obesity.

Cats can tolerate small amounts of ginger, which is included in this product. In fact, some cat owners sprinkle a bit of ginger on their feline’s food to aid in digestion. In my case, I haven’t.

The most dangerous food item for cats to consume is garlic. Even minute amounts of garlic can be harmful to a cat’s health.

When you consider everything that goes into a teriyaki meal, it’s easy to see why cats shouldn’t consume this sauce.

You should prevent your cat from coming into contact with the sauce, even if it is only because it is interested in the chicken and is therefore trying to eat around it, avoid it, etc.

Is Teriyaki Chicken Bad For Cats To Eat?

Sugar is extremely harmful to cats, so it’s best to steer clear of any cat food that contains it.

Cats should avoid sugary foods because it can cause them to gain weight and develop diabetes.


The protein should be high in healthy fats and low in carbohydrates so as to promote a healthy metabolic rate.

A cat food brand that excludes these ingredients and is designed specifically for felines is your best bet for keeping your pet healthy.

Due to its high sodium content and low potassium content, soy sauce is another ingredient you should avoid giving your cat.

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If your cat eats this, he could be putting his heart at risk.

It’s high in sodium and sugar and contains other ingredients like ginger and garlic that can make your cat ill.

These items may be safe for us humans, but our feline friends should not consume them.

Why Is Teriyaki Chicken Bad For Cats?

If you follow the guidelines laid out in this piece, teriyaki chicken shouldn’t pose any health risks to your cat.

Undercooked chicken

Make sure the chicken reaches an internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit to eliminate any risk of food poisoning.

Chicken should be cooked thoroughly to kill any bacteria or pathogens that might be present in the meat, according to the USDA.

Don’t give your cats any of the cooked chicken because it could make them sick from bacteria found in raw or undercooked meats.

It’s crucial to make sure all meat is fully cooked, as cats can die from eating raw or undercooked meat.

Can Cats Eat Teriyaki Chicken in The Kitchen

Your cat may get sick from the bacteria in raw or undercooked poultry if it eats too much of it or if its immune system is compromised.

Too much sodium

Too much salt can be harmful to cats, as was previously stated. Only feed them lean meat and remove the skin before cooking to reduce the amount of salt in their diet.

Canned foods are another option for reducing sodium intake because they are not prepared with salty cooking liquid like their dry counterparts.

Will Your Cat Get Sick If They Ate Some Teriyaki Chicken?

The amount of teriyaki chicken your cat eats will largely determine whether or not they become ill. Additionally, there was an abundance of garlic in the dish.

Call your vet and explain the situation, giving them an estimate of how much garlic and sauce your cat has eaten, if you know the answers to these questions.

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They will know your cat best and be able to give you advice tailored to its size, health, and other individual characteristics.

Just keep an eye on your cat for the next day or so for any signs of illness, even if you’re fairly certain that it just nibbled and licked.

Can Cats Eat Teriyaki Beef Jerky?

Can Cats Eat Teriyaki Beef Jerky

If you’ve been feeding your cat beef jerky, you’ll want to keep this far out of their reach, because Teriyaki beef jerky is also delicious.

Beef jerky, in moderation and without seasoning or added flavors, is perfectly acceptable. It’s just meat in strip form, which cats tend to go crazy for. Remember that cats are strictly carnivorous and therefore require a high-meat protein diet.

However, cats should not eat Teriyaki beef jerky. Cats shouldn’t eat teriyaki for the same reasons I mentioned above for chicken teriyaki: there are too many unhealthy ingredients.

In Summary

The very least I can hope for is that this article has persuaded you to try teriyaki chicken for yourself if you have never done so before.

But – can teriyaki chicken be safe for cats to eat? No, your cat absolutely cannot come inside.

Even if they’re driving you crazy. Or, the amount of time they spend staring at your leftovers. They’ll end up with an upset stomach, or worse. It’s not even worth considering.

Check out my blog for similar posts if you’re curious about whether or not cats can eat other delectable human foods.

The studies on other foods that appear to be fine for cats, such as ham, tuna, tilapia, cheese, and more, are sure to pique your interest.

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