Can Dogs Eat Carob? 5 Facts Revealed

Carob is a dog-friendly alternative to chocolate. Though some human sweets, like chocolate, are clearly off-limits to canines, others, like carob, are perfectly fine to give to Fido.

What exactly is carob, and how can you feed it to your dog? DDG is here to provide an answer to that question and a delicious recipe to make.

What is Carob?

Carob is a bean originally from the Mediterranean that is typically used as a chocolate substitute after being ground into flour or paste.

These tiny beans, which can be found in pods, have a very sweet and delicious flavor. It doesn’t contain any of the same chemicals that make chocolate so appealing, and it’s caffeine-free, too. Not only is it delicious, but it also doesn’t contain gluten.

Why Can Dogs Eat Carob and Not Chocolate?

Everyone knows that canines shouldn’t consume chocolate, but carob beans seem to be just fine. The field of chemistry provides the key to this puzzle.

There is a wide variety of chemicals present in both chocolate and carob. Sadly, canines can’t enjoy the sweet taste of chocolate because it contains chemicals they can’t metabolize. The most harmful substances here are theobromine and caffeine.

What Is Carob and Is It Safe For Dogs? - Proud Dog Mom

All of these chemicals accumulate in a dog’s body after even a small amount of chocolate consumption.

A lot of time is needed to break down theobromine. Your dog will have trouble processing and eliminating the toxins found in chocolate if it is consumed in large quantities at once.

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If a dog ingests something, they might start showing signs of distress. Warnings of chocolate poisoning include:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Lethargy
  • Disruption of normal bodily functions
  • The onset of unconsciousness

Good news: carob beans have a unique chemical makeup. This is a great way to give our dogs a taste of chocolate without worrying about them getting high on theobromine or caffeine, as both of these substances are absent from these peas in the pod.

Can Dogs Eat Carob?

Yes! Carobs are safe for canines to consume.

This tiny bean is a great alternative to chocolate for canines. It doesn’t contain theobromine or caffeine, two of chocolate’s main toxins for canines.

Carob for Dogs: A Dog-Safe Chocolate Substitue You'll Drool Over!

In addition to their nutritional benefits, carob beans have a natural sweetness that can be used to reduce the amount of sugar in carob-based chocolates and other products.

Raw carob also has vitamin A, B, and D. Carob also contains a number of other beneficial nutrients like calcium, magnesium, iron, fiber, and protein.

Do your research before giving your dog any treats made with carob. You should buy treats that are as low in sugar as possible, or ideally have no sugar at all.

Can Dogs Eat Carob Bean Gum?

Carob bean gum is safe for dogs. Nonetheless, this works best as a component. A homemade treat with carob bean gum is more likely to be preferred by your dog than plain food.

Can Dogs Eat Carob Powder?

Carob powder in and of itself is safe for canine consumption. Carob powder, like carob bean gum, is more useful in cooking than as a standalone snack.

Instead of trying to feed your dog the powder straight, it’s much easier to just bake some into a treat.

Check to see that the powder contains nothing else that could be harmful to your dog, as you would with any product.

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Can Dogs Eat Carob Chips?

Can Dogs Eat Carob? – The Dog Bakery

Just like with human food, you should always check the label before feeding a treat to your dog. Hold on to the chips if they contain things like macadamia nuts or xylitol.

But if your carob chips are made from nothing but carob, it’s okay to give them to Fido.

Stay away if sugar is listed first on the ingredient label. Dogs don’t have the same tolerance for sugar that humans do, so it’s best to limit their exposure to sugary foods.

The order of ingredients on a product label reflects their relative abundance, so if sugar appears first on the label, it’s likely not good for your dog.

This caution is not just limited to human carob treats; it also applies to dog-specific carob chips, as some brands make treats that are way too sweet for canines.

Carob Health Benefits for Humans and Dogs

The bean pods of the carob tree are used to create carob, which is entirely natural, safe, and beneficial to the health of dogs.

Vitamin B2, calcium, magnesium, and iron can all be found in abundance in carob. Vitamins B1, niacin, and A can be found in carob. You can count on carob to be just as healthy as the other fruits and vegetables you eat every day.

The fiber and pectin in carob aid in the body’s natural detoxification processes. This miracle food aids in digestion, reduces cholesterol, and soothes diarrhea. This aids in calcium absorption as well.

Beans, Sugar Pods, Locust Pods, Algaroba, Carob Tree Kharoub, and Algaroba are some of the many names for the carob pod.
Ceratonia siliqua is its proper scientific name.

What Is Carob and Is It Safe For Dogs?

What Kind of Carob Treats Can My Dog Eat?

Carob beans are not only tasty on their own, but also make a great addition to a variety of baked goods. Carob is often used in place of chocolate to make treats that are safe for dogs to eat.

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The Dog Bakery even sells a delicious treat that tastes just like chocolate and is perfect for your dog! Dogs can enjoy our Barkin’ Brownie with confidence knowing it’s made with dog-friendly carob beans, is grain-free, and features a tasty yogurt drizzle.

You can have this tasty treat delivered to your door without having to worry about packaging or storing it in the fridge.

Gather some carob powder and get to work in the kitchen if you’re in the mood for some homemade baking. Replace the cocoa powder in your dog-friendly baking recipes with carob bean powder. It’s the kind of thing that’ll make your dog absolutely ecstatic.

Easy Carob Cookie Reipe Your Dog Will Love (and you will too!)

List of Ingredients

  • White rice flour measuring 1 cup
  • Measurement: 1 cup oat flour
  • 1/3 mug carob chips
  • 1 average-sized egg
  • 2 tablespoons of melted butter
  • There are 2 tablespoons of chia seeds.
  • 14 cup of liquid

Peanut Butter and Carob Dog Treats Recipe | No Bake Dog Treats


  1. Turn on the oven to 325 degrees and line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
  2. In a large bowl, combine the oat flour, rice flour, carob chips, and chia seeds. Blend and combine thoroughly.
  3. Mix the egg and the butter in a small bowl.
  4. Create a well in the center of the flour, egg, and butter mixture, and add the liquid ingredients. Reconstitution by vigorous stirring
  5. When making dough, add water until the ingredients come together.
  6. Roll the dough out to a thickness of 1/2 inch on a sheet of wax paper that has been lightly floured.
  7. Shape into whatever you like with a cookie cutter or a knife.
  8. Treats need 20-25 minutes in a 325F oven.

Take out of oven and wait until it cools down. These carob snacks keep for up to a week in the fridge.

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