Can Dogs Eat Chicken Noodle Soup? 9 Facts

Chicken is excellent for your dogs because it’s full of protein and other vital nutrients. You can feel good about giving your pet a steady diet of organically raised chicken because it is one of the healthiest sources of protein available.

But, is chicken noodle soup safe for dogs to eat? Is dog food safe to eat if it contains chicken? When ill, can dogs have chicken noodle soup? In this article, we will answer these questions and more.

Can Dogs Eat Chicken Noodle Soup?

Chicken noodle soup, provided it is low in sodium and doesn’t contain onion or garlic, is safe for dogs to eat in moderation.

You can safely feed your dogs a lot more of that chicken noodle soup if it is homemade and designed for canines.

Indeed, it has been discovered that a bowl of chicken noodle soup made at home can help to calm your dog’s upset stomach.

For example, if the chicken noodle soup is pre-packaged in a can or tin, you should exercise caution. These may be harmful to your dog’s health due to their high sodium and preservative content.

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What Do I Need To Know About Chicken Noodle Soup And Dogs?

Unlike chocolate and toothpaste, chicken noodle soup isn’t automatically on the “no” list, which is one of the coolest things about it.

If you know what you’re doing, you and your dog may be able to enjoy your favorite comfort food together.

A lot of the things we put in chicken soup are bad for our dogs.

In the following section, we’ll discuss the specific ingredients, but for now, let’s look at the big picture, in this case, the various soup options available to you:

  • Soups from cans or tins
  • Soups made from a dry mix
  • Cooking up a storm:

Canned/Tinned Soups

Preservatives like salt (sodium) and flavor enhancer monosodium glutamate (MSG) are abundant in canned or tinned soups. Brands like Heinz and Campbell’s are typical examples.

Looking at the ingredients list, you may be able to tell that one soup is better than another, but in general, canned soups are very high in sodium and monosodium glutamate.

Dry Mix Soups

Cup-of-soup mixes, stocks, and even some artisanal mixes without the same corporate branding on them would fall into this category.

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You’ll soon find out that the high levels of dehydrated flavors in these mixes, such as garlic and onion, are extremely harmful to dogs. The sodium content is bad enough on its own.

Homemade Soups

Whether homemade or purchased from a pet food store, any type of soup is acceptable.

One more time: not all chicken soup is bad for your dog, so long as it’s tailored to his tastes and needs.

As with any significant dietary shift for your dog, you should consult your veterinarian before feeding the soup.

If a dog eats chicken noodle soup, what are the potentially toxic ingredients?

To avoid potential poisoning, don’t feed your dog any of the following: canned or tinned soup; prepackaged soup mixes; even “homemade” soups (i.e., homemade for human consumption as opposed to dog-friendly recipes).

  • Hydrogen sulfide gas and salt
  • Allium sativum (garlic)
  • Garlic, onion, or shallot
  • Flavoring

MSG And Sodium

Tinned soups feature prominently, but many prepackaged soups also include them. Both of these have been linked to a variety of canine health issues, such as:

  • Obesity
  • Damage to the brain
  • Hepatic, lymphatic, and renal dysfunction
  • Seizures

Sodium in soup amounts is (sort of) safe for humans, but it can be fatal to dogs because it acts similarly to poison. Even in a healthy dog, it can cause brain damage and death. As bad as MSG is for humans, it’s even worse for dogs.

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Garlic (Any And All Forms)

In the same way that chocolate is harmful to canines, so is garlic. It can quickly and fatally destroy red blood cells, leading to severe anemia.

While raw garlic has unpleasant effects, its use in concentrated forms, such as garlic powder or salt, which is common in soups, can be downright toxic.

Onion (Any And All Forms)

Onions, in any form (stocks, seasonings, or the actual vegetable), are harmful to dogs because they cause anemia.

Soup made with both of these would provide twice the benefit. In addition, many cooks use onion powder in addition to the fresh onion and stock.


Everything that gives chicken noodle soup its flavor, from the stock cubes to the stock liquids, is harmful to your dog.

These are loaded with sodium and have significant amounts of garlic and onion powders, as you might expect.

Is Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup Safe For Dogs?

If the chicken noodle soup is homemade, the owner likely knows exactly what is and isn’t going into it, which greatly increases the likelihood that it will be safe for the dog.

Be wary, though, because not all homemade soups are created equal.

Putting on your apron and pulling out the soup pot is the best way to discover the best and safest chicken noodle soup for your dog.

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Can Dogs Eat Chicken Noodle Soup When Sick?

Chicken noodle soup made at home is safe for sick dogs to consume.

Chicken noodle soups made at home are relatively safe for dogs because you can control the ingredients and work to eliminate any harmful ones.

Dogs would not benefit from human chicken noodle soup, so don’t give it to them if they’re sick.

Preservatives in most canned chicken noodle soups are harmful to dogs, so giving them to your pet in large quantities could make them sick or make them feel even worse if they are already sick.

Can Dogs Eat Chicken Broth Soup?

Homemade chicken noodle soup is safe for dogs to eat because you can regulate the ingredients and seasonings.

There are a lot of human foods that dogs shouldn’t eat, so if you want your dogs to eat chicken noodle soup from a broth, you should be careful about the ingredients and how you cook it.

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Can Small Dogs Eat Chicken Noodle Soup?

Chicken noodle soup, provided it is homemade and dog-friendly, is safe for small dogs to consume.

To the extent that you must feed your small dog store-bought processed chicken noodle soup, do so very sparingly.

Can Dogs Eat Canned Chicken Noodle Soup?

Canned chicken noodle soup contains ingredients and preservatives that aren’t great for your dog’s health, so you shouldn’t feed it to your pet. The excessive sodium content is not healthy.

Larger amounts of soup can only be given to dogs if they are homemade and dog-friendly.

Can Dogs Eat Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup?

Chicken noodle soup, especially homemade chicken noodle soup, is beneficial for dogs.

In preparing homemade chicken noodle soup for your dog, you can choose to include only dog-friendly ingredients.

Never feed your dog processed chicken noodle soup, as the soup likely contains preservatives that are harmful to dogs, especially when consumed in large amounts.

Dog-Friendly Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

Are you looking forward to spending the day as your dog’s personal chef? We think it would be a great way to spend a wet day!

In addition, your canine companion will adore it. You can even join in the fun if you’d like!

The soothing effects of chicken noodle soup extend to your dog as well if he or she frequently experiences an upset stomach. The ingredients for a bowl of delicious, homemade chicken noodle soup for your dog are listed below.


  • Simply prepared chicken, including the bones if available.
  • Carrot
  • Water

Extremely high doses of any of these substances is unhealthy for your dog, just as it is for you. You can omit the carrot if you’d like, but it’s one of the few human foods he might actually benefit from nutritionally.

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  1. Put the chicken into a pot of boiling water and turn the heat down. Bones and/or a carcass (not seasoned) can be added, but this is optional. Carrots, if you so choose, can be added at this point, provided they are raw.
  2. Bring the soup to a boil, then reduce the heat and simmer, uncovered, for at least two hours. Chicken, bones, and extra fat/skin can be discarded as needed. All the foam that forms while simmering must be removed. Eventually, you’ll be down to the carrots and broth.
  3. When serving, the soup should be at a temperature that is just warm enough to eat.
  4. Sprinkle a little bit on your dog’s dry kibble or incorporate it into his wet food. A little goes a long way.

A Few Reminders In Making Your Dog-Friendly Chicken Noodle Soup

You should take special care to consider your dog’s dietary needs when preparing food using any recipe other than this one. Keep in mind that while “a pinch of salt” or “a tiny pinch of garlic” may not seem like much, they can be fatal to your dog.

It’s good (for your dog) if you try some of the soup as it’s cooking and are turned off by how tasteless it is.

It’s important for the final product to be boring and uninteresting to us humans. In that way, you can rest assured that it is completely secure for your pet. It doesn’t matter what it is, because dogs will love it because they will eat anything.

Chicken stock (as in, the liquid bone you can buy in stores) is a topic on which experts seem to have conflicting opinions.

Some people think it’s fine to add in small amounts to the chicken soup base you use for your dog.

But some people argue that even a small amount of the sodium in the broth and the mystery flavor powders could be fatal to your dog.

If safety is a concern, skip the stock and use regular hot water instead. Find yourself in need of a second opinion.

Consult your dog’s veterinarian for advice tailored specifically to your dog’s needs. That includes the fact that the web can’t possibly know if you have any allergies.

Moreover, you need to be extremely vigilant while in the kitchen.

Seasonings are one of those things that, if you spend enough time in the kitchen, you begin to subconsciously add as you taste and adjust the recipe.

Adding seasoning to your soup by accident or without thinking is fine if you’re making it for yourself, but you shouldn’t give it to your dog.

This is your chance to put your culinary skills to the test in the service of canine companions. Regardless, you should never give your dog chicken noodle soup that has been prepackaged or canned.

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