Can Dogs Eat Easter Eggs? 9 Important Things For You

Many homes have fresh, brightly colored treats this time of year, and this week in particular. As the weather improves, people start to put out their first flower pots, and trees start to bloom.

Even though dogs might be interested in the newfound natural hues, they are probably more intrigued by the contents of the Easter baskets they may be seeing for the first time.

Your dog will get excited and curious about anything that makes noise, including: jelly beans, plastic grass, fluorescent baskets, and those weird microwavable oddities shaped like birds (Peeps).

At Easter time, however, questions about chocolate and dyed eggs are the most frequently asked by dog owners.

What If My Dog Eats Hard-boiled Easter Eggs?

Yes, people all over the world are using their artistic skills to decorate eggs of every imaginable color, from purple and pink to yellow and gold.

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Neon dye is selling like hotcakes, so stock up now. kids’ fingernails will be dyed soon. After that, the actual hunting can begin. Don’t fret if Fido sniffs out the colored treats before your kids do.

While the dye itself may be dangerous, the eggs themselves should be safe to eat.

Hard-boiled eggs are a popular treat given to dogs all year long. The biggest worry when it comes to canines and egg consumption is salmonella, which can be prevented by thoroughly boiling the eggs first.

Yes, but what about the shells? The shells are full of calcium, but they are too big for small dogs to swallow.

Never give your dog a COLORED egg on purpose, but if they manage to sneak into the Easter Bunny’s basket, there’s no need to worry.

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What if My Dog Swallows Easter Chocolate?

This is a legitimate cause for alarm, unlike eggs. You see, your dogs can’t tell the difference between a regular piece of chocolate and one that comes in a pretty box or tin foil. Read on to find out why canines shouldn’t eat chocolate.

The theobromine in chocolate is harmful to canines. In particular, dark chocolate, which contains a higher concentration of theobromine, should be kept out of your dog’s reach.

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If you find a few chocolate eggs missing and suspect your dog ate them, keep an eye out for these signs of chocolate poisoning: vomiting (with blood present), stomach pain, excessive thirst, drooling, and a racing heart.

Get your dog to the vet ASAP if you notice any of these signs. Earlier detection is preferable but still helpful.

9 Dog Easter Eggs And Chocolate Treats For Your Pets To Enjoy

1. Hatchwells Dog Fun Size Easter Egg (6 pack) (May Vary)

This package is ideal if you want to host your own Easter egg hunt in the yard, as it contains six small, fun-sized eggs made for dogs using carob.

2. Woofy Easter Carob Dog Easter Egg 60g

This delicious Easter egg is made from carob and hand-packaged in Lancashire; it’s safe for adult dogs. You can’t go wrong with this purchase, and it only costs $3.

3. Hatchwells Dog Easter Egg

This Easter egg is safe for dogs because it does not contain any wheat, gluten, or cocoa. This carob version probably won’t last very long.

Have a Dog Safe Easter

4. Trixie Chocolate Drops

Even if you’re not celebrating Easter, we think you’ll enjoy these chocolate drops. These wet chocolate drops are perfect for small breeds that need a treat that won’t make a mess while they chew.

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5. Pets at Home Easter Mix Dog Biscuits 5kg

These dog treats are festively decorated to resemble Easter eggs, bunnies, and chicks, and they’re free of any artificial flavors or colors. An excellent choice if you want to try something new.

6. Hatchwells Puppy Easter Egg

The puppies can have this egg. It’s an Easter essential because the extra calcium helps develop healthy bones and teeth.

7. Woofy Easter Delicious Bunny and Carrot Shaped Dog Chews

Adult dogs can enjoy these tasty treats, which include two small bunny chews and two larger carrot chews. Remember that puppies under six months old shouldn’t use them.

8. Bunny Gift Box For Dogs

If you want to spoil your dog, this gift box is ideal because it is stuffed full of toys, treats, and an Easter egg that dogs can enjoy. In addition, there’s a lovable bunny, some treats, and some rabbit ears included.

9. Rosewood Chocolate Easter Egg For Dogs

Encourage your dog to take part in the celebrations of Easter with you. This chocolate egg has no cocoa, wheat, or gluten, but we’re positive they’ll still adore it. Cut it up into bite-sized pieces and include it in their diet as a healthy option.

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