Can Dogs Eat Goji Berries? 14 Things You Need To Know

Yum! You must agree that a handful of goji berries, with their brilliant red color, is the best thing ever. Are you able to offer your dog a couple of these when he comes up to sniff your hand?

In this piece, I will talk about the health benefits of goji berries and whether or not they are safe for dogs to eat. First, let me define goji berries in case you have never heard of them before.

Are Goji Berries Safe For Dogs?

If you want the quick and dirty version of the answer, it’s yes. Dogs can have goji berries in small amounts without any ill effects. The National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) has determined that goji berries are “beneficial” to canines. ”

Animal health expert Kara McCarty has deemed goji berries to be risk-free. They look like tomatoes and taste like cherries and originate in Tibet.

They share many of the same nutritional qualities as tomatoes, including a high concentration of vitamins C, B, E, and calcium. The fruity flavor makes them delicious, but consuming too many at once can lead to diarrhea.

To avoid stomach upset, introduce them gradually, and don’t give so many that your dog stops eating his regular food if you decide to give them a try. ”

What Are Goji Berries?

Goji berries, tiny red fruits found only in China, are revered for their health benefits. Because of their powerful antioxidant properties, they have been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine. They’re fantastic at removing dangerous free radicals from the environment. These are sometimes referred to as “wolfberries,” which is a common misnomer. ”

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These evergreen shrub berries may be the healthiest berries you’ll ever eat.

You can get 250% of your daily vitamin C needs from just one ounce of raw goji berries, not to mention a ton of other beneficial plant chemicals and fiber. Evidence suggests that goji berries have numerous health benefits.

How Are Goji Berries Good For Dogs?

Though goji berries are more commonly associated with human health, they can actually have positive effects on your dog’s health as well.

They have a lot of vitamins and minerals, including A, B, C, and E, and are rich in protein, iron, and calcium.

Feeding your dog the right amount of goji berries has been shown to improve its bone, muscle, and nerve health. Their potential to strengthen a dog’s immune system is another plus.

Are Goji Berries Bad For Dogs

Does anyone know if it’s true that goji berries can be poisonous to dogs? Nope! They are safe for canine consumption.

How much harm they do to your pet depends on the pet’s condition and the medication being used to treat it.

Due to the high fiber content, goji berries should not be given to dogs in large quantities or they risk developing diarrhea.

Thus, it is essential to restrict their consumption all at once. Vomiting and/or loose stools are common side effects of eating too much fiber.

They are loaded with healthy sugars. Dogs who are fed too much sugar are more likely to gain weight, which increases their risk of developing cardiovascular disease. For the same reason, these berries should not be fed to a diabetic dog.

Dogs typically do not develop an allergy to them. A runny nose, itchy eyes, and a cough could all be signs of allergies, so keep an eye out for them.

Berries may increase bleeding in dogs already taking anticoagulant drugs (blood thinners).

Dog owners who are concerned about giving their pets goji berries should talk to their veterinarian first.

How Many Goji Berries Can Your Dog Eat?

Evidence shows that goji berries are safe for dogs. Great! The question is, how much is too much? Dogs should not consume large quantities of goji berries due to potential toxicity.

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Your dog’s daily caloric intake, including treats and snacks, should not exceed 10%. However, due to their high sugar content, the daily goji berry intake of a dog should be well below 10%.

Depending on your dog’s size, a starting dose of eight berries twice a week of goji berries should suffice.

How Can I Safely Give Goji Berries To My Dog?

If you want to give goji berries to your dog, you should ask your vet for advice on how much to give them.

Feeding your dog a treat or supplement like goji berries shouldn’t account for more than 10 percent of its total daily calorie intake.

Goji berries are safe for dogs whether they are fresh or dried. Give them to your dog as a treat or as a snack in between his regular meals.

How to Feed Goji Berries to Your Dog

You can give your pet either fresh or dried goji berries. If any of the berries still have their stems attached, remove them before serving them to your dog.

Can a Dog Be Allergic to Goji Berries?

Goji berries are not toxic to dogs, but they may aggravate the digestive tracts of those with food allergies. However, it is possible that your dog will have an allergic reaction to goji berries. While introducing goji berries to your dog, keep an eye out for any allergic reactions.

Hives, itching, stomach upset, ear infections, and facial swelling are just some of the unpleasant symptoms that can occur in dogs with allergies. If the dog’s stomach can handle the goji berries and a small amount did not cause these symptoms, give it more. In any case, moderation is key.

Can Dogs Eat Dried Goji Berries

Your question has a simple answer: yes, dried goji berries are fine for dogs to eat in moderation. Consuming them as you would any other sweet will ensure your well-being. You should only feed your dog table scraps on special occasions.

The dry consistency of goji berries can cause them to get stuck between your dog’s teeth, which is a problem if you plan on feeding them to your pet. That’s why it’s best if you can get your hands on some fresh goji berries.

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Can Dogs Eat Fresh Goji Berries

In small amounts, fresh goji berries are safe for dogs to eat. Treats, including fresh berries, shouldn’t account for more than 10 percent of your dog’s daily caloric intake.

In spite of the fact that your furry friend will benefit greatly from the nutrients in this human food, it is still wise to keep its consumption to a reasonable level. If they eat too much of it, they could become ill.

A canine’s health problems can be alleviated by feeding them these fresh berries because of their anti-inflammatory properties.

Can Dogs Have Goji Berry Juice

Dogs don’t need to worry about getting sick if they drink goji berry juice, but it’s still not a good idea.

Blood sugar will spike and empty calories will be added to your dog’s diet if you give him juice instead of water. You shouldn’t give your dog any kind of juice. Issues with weight gain and diabetes are possible outcomes.

Can Dogs Eat Goji Berry Leaves

Dogs probably wouldn’t enjoy chewing on goji berry leaves due to their high astringency. They pose no health risks to humans and are frequently used in broths and stir-fries.

Goji berry leaves are safe for dogs to eat, but like any other greens, too much of a good thing can make them sick.

Can Dogs Eat Goji Berry Seeds

Dried goji berries are typically kept with the skin and seeds still attached. The seeds in the berries are too tiny to harm your pet.

Be Aware of Potential Interactions

Hold on, we didn’t say that goji berries and medications might not get along. Goji berries may have an adverse effect on a dog’s blood pressure or blood sugar levels; this is especially true for dogs already taking blood-thinning or diabetes-treatment medications. Before giving them to your pet, check with your vet.

Conclusion: Goji Berries are a Safe and Nutritious Treat for Dogs

For this reason, it is safe to give your dog a small amount of goji berries. You can spoil your pet with some of your preferred super fruits if you like. Sharing the health benefits of goji berries with a close friend is the kind thing to do.

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