Can Dogs Eat Nylabones? 4 Facts To Consider

One of the most popular dog chew toys is a Nylabone, but many pet owners worry that their dogs can’t safely ingest the product because of its synthetic composition.

Is it true that canines can safely chew on Nylabones? While dogs can safely chew on both edible and non-edible Nylabones, ingesting them can cause choking, stomach upset, and even allergic reactions in some dogs.

Non-edible Nylabones pose risks to dogs if they try to eat them, but when used as intended, these chew toys can provide significant benefits. The article discusses the positive outcomes that can occur when dogs use Nylabones as chew toys.

Because accidental ingestion of a Nylabone can be fatal in some cases, we’ve also outlined what to do if your puppy eats one of these chew toys.

First, though, let’s examine what Nylabones are and whether or not dogs can eat them.

Can Dogs Eat Nylabones?

Nylabones are completely safe for dogs to chew on, but swallowing one can be fatal.

Dogs love to chew on Nylabones, a popular brand of chew toys made from a variety of materials that are then shaped into bones.

The two primary categories of Nylabone products are the edible chew Nylabones and the indigestible chew Nylabones.

Nylabones, the inedible chew toys, are typically made of plastic, rubber, or nylon. While non-edible Nylabones are made from inedible materials, it is generally accepted that dogs can safely chew on them without ill effects, at least while they are not ingested.

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Pieces of food you can chew But Nylabones are typically made with a variety of proteins, starches, and flavorings.

They are edible chew toys that can be given to dogs, and while they are generally considered safe for dogs to chew on and even ingest, it is best to err on the side of caution.

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Why Should I Give My Dog Nylabones?

Dogs can benefit from Nylabones and other chew toys as long as they are not accidentally swallowed. When dogs chew on Nylabones, they reap many benefits.

  • It’s a great way to get your mind off of boring or stressful things.
  • Relieve the discomfort of teething in puppies.
  • Dogs need mental exercise just like humans do.
  • Assist in restraining a destructive dog.
  • The special nubs on some varieties of the Nylabone dog toy make it possible for owners to remove plaque and tartar buildup from their pets’ teeth.

What Are The Dangers Of A Dog Eating Nylabones?

Dogs can choke on inedible Nylabones, and the flavoring in edible Nylabones can cause stomach upset and allergic reactions.


Dogs with particularly sharp teeth may be able to bite through and cut off pieces of this chew toy, despite the fact that non-edible Nylabones are typically made of durable materials.

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Nylabones, the inedible chewing toy, are inedible for dogs. Let’s say Fido gnaws off and swallows a sizeable chunk of one of these toys; the splintered Nylabone pieces could easily become lodged in his throat, triggering a life-threatening situation.

Allergic Reactions

We’ve also mentioned that there are digestible Nylabones for dogs, but even those can be dangerous to their health.

A consumable chew The chicken, turkey, and peanut butter flavors that are sometimes added to Nylabones have been linked to allergic reactions and stomach upsets in dogs.

A dog’s stomach upset from eating Nylabones typically manifests as vomiting, diarrhea, weakness, and loss of appetite. If you notice any of these signs, you should visit a vet right away.

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Dental Damage

While it’s true that Nylabones can reduce plaque buildup on a dog’s teeth, the same can’t be said for the hard Nylabone chew toys, which can cause a dog’s teeth to become weak and even break if they’re chewed on too often.

Nylabones can cause tooth damage in some dogs, but the risk is lower for dogs with healthy teeth and no history of tooth fracture.

There is just as little danger of a dog’s teeth being damaged by Nylabones as there is from biting on other hard surfaces.

What Should I Do If My Dog Eats Nylabones?

If your dog has swallowed any portion of its Nylabone, you should seek the advice of your veterinarian immediately and remove the chew toy from your dog’s reach.

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Do Dogs Poop Out Nylabones?

If your dog has eaten too many Nylabones, you may find them in their feces.

If you find that your dog has chewed on its Nylabone, the first thing you should do is assess how much of the chew toy has been lost.

If your dog has swallowed a small piece of a Nylabone—no bigger than a grain of rice—it should be able to pass through its digestive system unharmed.

However, you may need to be patient, as it can take anywhere from 10 hours to 24 hours for the dog to poop out pieces of the Nylabone.

However, this can become a problem if your dog has swallowed large pieces of Nylabones. Moreover, you should rush your dog to the vet if you find out it has consumed a sizeable portion of Nylabone.

Restrict Further Access To The Chew Toy

Clearing out remnants and shards of Nylabone to prevent your canine buddy from ingesting more pieces of this chew toy is important because it can be counterproductive to have your pooch continue chewing on the Nylabone while talking to the vet about possible swallowing.

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Don’t Attempt To Treat At Home

Inducing vomiting in a dog that has swallowed a Nylabone can be dangerous because the chew toy can become stuck in the dog’s digestive tract.

Therefore, unless the vet tells you to, you shouldn’t make your dog throw up after he or she swallows a Nylabone.

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