Can Rabbits Eat Iceberg Lettuce? 8 Facts About It

Do you have a pal who would turn down a salad if you offered it to them, like mine would? I don’t eat rabbit food is their typical response.

And yet, can rabbits eat everything in a salad?

Iceberg lettuce is a common ingredient in salads. The crunch it provides is a welcome addition to the meal.

However, is iceberg lettuce safe for rabbits to eat? Can rabbits eat iceberg lettuce?

There are many rumors circulating online about whether or not iceberg lettuce is safe for rabbits to eat, so I did some research based on scholarly articles, owner reports, and the advice of veterinarians to find the facts.

What I found out is as follows.

Can rabbits eat iceberg lettuce?

Iceberg lettuce is toxic to rabbits, so please don’t give it to them. Although rabbits can consume a small amount of iceberg lettuce, the lettuce has very few nutrients for them to use. Iceberg lettuce is mostly water, so it lacks the minerals, vitamins, and fiber that rabbits need.

Iceberg lettuce, like many other types of lettuce, contains lactucarium, a milky fluid that, when consumed in large doses, acts on the nervous system to induce sleepiness and dull pain sensations.

Despite urban legends, your rabbit won’t be harmed by eating a few leaves of this plant. Even though it can cause diarrhea and other digestive issues in large quantities, a single serving won’t cause any harm.

What is lactucarium?

Some types of lettuce, particularly those with thicker stems, exude a milky fluid called lactucarium. It’s an analgesic and sleep-inducing chemical.

Lactucarium is often referred to as “lettuce opium” due to its resemblance to opium and the similarity of its effects.

Lactucarium was once widely used as a remedy for sleeplessness. As a medicine for coughs, it was also widely used.

What is the nutritional value of iceberg lettuce?

IngredientIceberg lettuce weight in grams per unit
Calories12 kcal
Fat0 g
Carbohydrate2.35 g
Fibre1.2 g
Sugars1.18 g
Protein1.18 g
Sodium12 mg
Calcium24 mg
Iron0.35 mg
Potassium141 mg
Vitamin D0 mg
Water93.9 g
Data obtained through USDA

Most iceberg lettuce is water, so it lacks the minerals and vitamins that rabbits require.

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As a result, bunnies need a diet rich in fiber to maintain healthy teeth and digestive systems, neither of which can be achieved by feeding them iceberg lettuce.

Therefore, besides water, bunnies can get virtually nothing from iceberg lettuce.

Feeding your rabbit iceberg lettuces is not a good idea.

What is the effect of lactucarium?

The effects of lactutcarium include drowsiness, hallucinations, and reduced pain. Large quantities can be found in wild lettuce (as opposed to cultivated iceberg lettuce).

In Iran, for instance, eight people discovered and consumed a large quantity of wild lettuce. They all needed to be admitted to the hospital, with one requiring intensive care.

Agitation, nausea, dizziness, hallucinations, and visual distortion were among their symptoms. Within 48 hours, everyone had fully recovered with no lingering effects. Here’s the place to check out the professional medical report.

Though this may sound alarming, cultivated lettuces like iceberg are not the same as wild lettuce. Wild lettuces have higher concentrations of lactucarium than cultivated varieties. Furthermore, iceberg lettuce is not distinctive from any other type of lettuce sold commercially.

Many rabbit-related websites advise feeding romaine lettuce, while warning against the lactucarium in iceberg lettuce.

Romaine lettuce, however, also has lactucarium in it.

In fact, Korean researchers found that lactucin and lacucuopricin (compounds found in lactucarium) extracted from romaine lettuce facilitated an earlier sleep onset in mice. This is where you’ll find the research paper.

It has nothing to do with lactucarium, but romaine lettuce is preferred by rabbits over iceberg. It’s in both iceberg and leaf lettuce. To put it simply, romaine lettuce is more nutrient-dense and thus a better option for rabbits.

Peter Rabbit, the Flopsy Bunnies and the effects of lettuce

One hundred years ago, it was widely believed that eating lettuce (any lettuce, not just iceberg) would help you get a good night’s rest. This is reflected in Beatrix Potter’s well-known stories.

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The following is the first few lines of the classic children’s story, “The Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies:”

  • Some say that consuming an excessive amount of lettuce has a “soporific” effect.
  • No lettuce has ever made me sleepy, but then again, I’m not a rabbit.
  • The Flopsy Bunnies were undoubtedly put to sleep by them.

The fluffy rabbits stuffed flowering lettuce down their throats, which is dangerous because bunnies should only eat hay.

Cottage Core vs Commercial Cuties

If you have a rabbit, do you consider it a pet or a commodity? Assuming from the fact that you are reading about bunnies, it is safe to assume that it is a pet.

But there are likely commercial farmers you are familiar with who raise rabbits for their meat and fur. The majority of the diet for these rabbits consists of various types of hay.

If you’re looking for a healthy option for your fluffy friend, this is a good option because it’s nutritious, easy to find, and good for their teeth.

Rabbits on farms consume as much hay per day as their body weight. However, you may rely on leftover fruits and vegetables at home.

Given its widespread consumption in the United States, iceberg lettuce is probably already in your rabbit’s diet. Due to the high levels of lactucarium, however, this is not the best choice. (It’s nothing to do with lactarium!)

It’s worth knowing that lactucarium refers to the milky sap found at the base of lettuce stems in case you ever find yourself on a game show and need to know the difference between a lactarium and a bank for breast milk (yes, they exist!).

It has analgesic and sedative properties because it is a natural painkiller. Opium lettuce is a name that has been thrown around. As for getting high off of lettuce latex, it is true that some people do smoke it.

While this may shed light on the reason for our insatiable appetite for lettuce, it’s important to note that iceberg lettuce’s lactucarium is toxic to rabbits. Keep in mind that your rabbit only weighs a tiny fraction of what you do.

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The calming effects of lettuce on humans suggests it might have the same effect on rabbits. Toxic levels of opiate effects may result if rabbits consume large quantities of this crunchy leaf.

Can Bunnies Eat Iceberg Lettuce?

Family Matters

Lettuce belongs to the aster family, which also includes sunflowers, daisies, dandelions, marigolds, thistles, endives, safflowers, and artichokes, among other less obvious plants.

This family of plants is classified as either the Asteraceae or the Compositae genus and order in the plant kingdom. The composite family, or daisy family, is a common term in everyday speech.

There are 16 distinct types of lettuce, but they fall into one of four broad categories.

  • This is celtuce, also known as Augustana, which has narrow leaves and an edible stem like asparagus.
  • “Head” or “Capitata” refers to the compact, folded cluster of leaves that forms the fruit or vegetable’s “head,” as in cabbage.
  • Leaves that form a rosette and are curled are known as “Crispa,” and they are found in many types of lettuce.
  • Cos, also known as Longifolia, has supple, elongated leaves like romaine lettuce.

Botanical varieties categorize plants further; iceberg lettuce belongs to the capitata variety. There are two types of capitata lettuce, butterhead lettuce and crisphead lettuce. Butterheads, like bibb lettuce, have large, oily leaves.

The leaves of crispheads like iceberg lettuce are crisp and brittle. Since iceberg lettuce can survive even long periods of transit time, it is a highly sought after import.

Should I worry if my rabbit eats some iceberg lettuce?

If your rabbit nibbles on some iceberg lettuce, don’t worry about it. Your rabbit is safe to consume it.

Large amounts of iceberg lettuce on their own may not be good for a rabbit, but that doesn’t mean your bunny will develop lactucarium.

That’s because the rabbit has consumed a diet high in water and low in fiber and nutrients. It’s not surprising that this might trigger stomach cramps and diarrhea.

Afraid yet? As one of the leading rabbit vets puts it, “lettuce is not harmful although lettuce is mostly water.” This doctor virtually invented the field of rabbit medicine.


Some iceberg lettuce leaves are safe for rabbit consumption. Iceberg lettuce isn’t a good option because it has so few nutrients. The benefits to your bunny are minimal at best, and the risks are nonexistent.

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