Can Cats Eat Buffalo Wings? 7 Facts Explained

I got an email this morning asking if cats should avoid buffalo wings. Some foods are harmful to cats and should never be fed to them. In order to maintain optimal health, our feline friends require a meat-based diet as they are obligate carnivores. Since protein and fat are two of the most important components … Read more

Can Cats Eat Caviar? 4 Facts About It

Caviar (raw fish eggs) is safe for cats to consume, but it is not the best treat option. Caviar contains nutrients that are good for your cat’s health, but you shouldn’t give it to them very often because of the risk of an allergic reaction. Caviar is safe for cats to eat, but there are … Read more

Can Cats Eat Paper? 6 Facts To Consider

Cats have been known to try to eat random bits of paper or pages from books, among other strange behaviors. In general, felines enjoy tearing, nibbling, and consuming paper. Paper is just another toy in their eyes, not a precious book or vital work document. While it’s true that cats can digest small amounts of … Read more

Can Cats Eat Spicy Chips? 7 Facts About It

Spicy chips aren’t good for cats in any way. Caution is advised when feeding your cat extremely spicy foods. Why do you think that is? Garlic powder, onion powder, or capsaicin from chili or pepper is usually the offender. Better cat treats should be sought out for your pet. Hot chips, then, are guaranteed treats, … Read more

Can Cats Eat Noodles? 11 Facts Revealed

There could be a lot of cat-related questions on your mind. They require a lot of care and attention and exhibit some unusual behaviors. Can cats eat noodles? is a question you might ask. The type of noodle you’re asking about will determine the answer. Some noodle dishes can be dangerous for cats to eat, … Read more

Can Cats Eat Shrimp? 7 Facts You Need To Know

You may wonder if cats can eat shrimp if you enjoy eating seafood and your cat constantly begs you for a taste. Being obligate carnivores, cats can only get the protein they need from meats like beef and chicken. Nonetheless, many commercially available cat foods feature fish like tuna, salmon, and mackerel as either the … Read more

Can Cats Eat Mochi? 9 Full Explanations

Cats are well-known for their lively, energetic disposition. Even if your cat isn’t interested in checking out the newest pet store, he probably just wants to play. Mochi is a Japanese confection made from Real sugar that some cats find irresistible. Mochi can be given as a snack or shaped into adorable edible ornaments. Is … Read more

Can Cats Eat Nachos? 8 Useful Things For You

A plate of nachos is an excellent party food and a tasty snack. Cheese, meat, vegetables, and other toppings are sprinkled atop nacho chips. Even though nachos can be made with a wide variety of unhealthy ingredients, they are still generally considered junk food. So, is it safe for cats to eat nachos? No, obviously … Read more